Educational Perspectives from a Village School & the Peru National Police


Location: Masisea, Peru
Lat/Long: 08° 36′ 22″ S / 74° 18′ 52″ W
Weather Conditions: 80F (27C) Mostly Cloudy
Crossing the Amazon to Masisea, Peru


Charlie Miller

Our day began in Pucallpa, Peru, and ended in Masisea, a small village along the Amazon south of Pucallpa. It was another full day today, spent capturing some amazing interviews. We first visited a school in Neshuya, Peru, and later attended a talk by and interviewed Juan Silva, commandant of the Peru National Police and part of the anti-drug force there.


Aaron and Charlie speaking with Juan Silva, commandant of the Peru National Police, before his presentation to the village of Neshuya.
Schoolchildren at Le Monte Alegre secondary school in Neshuya.
Aaron and Charlie with schoolchildren from Neshuya.

Aaron with Juan Silva, commandant of the Peru National Police.
Armed guard during our interview with the Peru National Police.
Awaiting our boat at the Port of Cupullca.

On the river enroute to Masisea.
Approaching the village of Masisea on the shore of the Amazon.
Aaron and Charlie in a motocar heading to San Rafael village.

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