Harvesting Water from Air


Location: Lima, Peru
Lat/Long: 12° 02′ 52″ S / 77° 03′ 43″ W
Weather Conditions: 68F (20C) Mostly Cloudy
The Pacific coastline of Lima.


Aaron Doering

We arrived in Lima late last night and then set out first thing this morning to visit a community just outside the city that is using innovative technologies to harvest fog for fresh water. We met many great people there and recorded some wonderful perspectives on education and sustainability. Tonight we’ll catch a flight to Pucallpa, from where we’ll journey into the Amazon Rainforest and meet with communities there.


Charlie overlooking Villa Maria del Triunfo. This is the site of the second largest cementary in the world.
Marina Gamboa being interviewed in front of a fog catching net.
Aaron, Justin, and Juan interviewing Marina Gamboa about her views on education.

Aaron and Charlie attending a group meeting of the Agriculture Association led by Artemio Alfaro.
A young boy approaching the top of the mountain where the fog nets are located.
Aaron and Juan Zacarías walking to the fog harvesting nets.

Charlie interviewing Artemio Alfaro, VP of the Agriculture Association.
Aaron inside a large net used for collecting water from the fog.
Artemio Alfaro, Vice President of the Agriculture Association.

Group photo in front of the fog harvesting net.
Artemio Alfaro showing us how the fog is captured in large containers.
Aaron interviewing Juan Zacarías about our visit to Villa Maria del Triumpho.

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