Amazing Days


Location: Galiwin’ku, NT, Australia
Lat/Long: 12° 1′ 40″ S / 135° 33′ 54″ E
Weather Conditions: 95F (35C) Sunny
Mangrove trees along the bank where we fished for Barramundi.


Charlie Miller

We completed seven interviews today, visited the local school and learned about the unique ways they’re incorporating culture and authentic learning in the classrooms, and overall had one of the best days the Earthducation team has experienced yet. We want to sincerely thank Bryan Hughes, the principal here on the island, and the entire community of Galiwin’ku for welcoming us so warmly into the community here and for taking time to to share your world and your perspectives on education and sustainability with us. Our time here has been absolutely amazing. Tomorrow, we depart Galiwin’ku for Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef communities of the Queensland coast.


Charlie and Aaron following an interview with Ralph Marrayumba Garrawurra, a senior ranger on Elcho Island.
Aaron interviewing  Ralph Marrayumba Garrawurra, a senior ranger on Elcho Island.
A child playing during an early morning session at Families as First Teachers, an annex program run at Shepherdson College.

Aaron presenting to a sophmore class at Shepherdson College.
Notes written by the teacher on the whiteboard during Aaron's presentation.
Charlie and Aaron pose for a photograph with the class following the presentation.

A child on the playground at Shepherdson College.
David Frieir discussing the planting of a new garden on the school grounds.
Peter Datjing, home liason officer on Elcho Island.

Peter Datjing, home liaison officer on Elcho Island.
Daisy Gondara, senior cultural advisor at Shepherdson College.
Bryan Hughes giving us a tour of the sustainable fish hatchery they developed at Shepherdson College.

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