Thank You, Norway!


Location: Tromsø, Norway
Lat/Long: 69° 40′ 46″ N, 18° 54′ 23″ E
Weather Conditions: 59F (15C) Cloudy
Norwegian landscape at sunset on the way to Tromsø.


Enjoy a brief vignette of the highlights from Expedition 2: Europe!

The goal of Earthducaton Expedition 2: Europe was to get a pulse of the perspectives of individuals throughout Northern Norway on education, sustainability, and the intersection of these important concepts. After 16 days in this beautiful country we are overwhelmed with the hospitality and generosity of every individual we have met. Literally everyone has welcomed us into their communities, businesses, schools, centers, and homes to share with us how their lives are and have been impacted by education and sustainability. We could have traveled anywhere in Europe and we are more than happy with our decision to come to this region of beautiful landscapes and people. Until we have the opportunity to return, we invite you to our state of Minnesota, USA, so we may show you the same hospitality as you have shown us.

In addition, thank you to our communications partner, the National Geographic Education Society, and our amazing project sponsors Smith Optics, Hilleberg The Tentmaker, Sherpa Adventure Gear, and Fenix Lighting.

We would also like to thank the Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University of Minnesota for believing in and funding the Earthducation Project. Without the support of IonE this project would not as successful as it has become.

Finally, thank you to all the followers of the Earthducation project! Together, we are learning how the people throughout the world are adapting to the changing world.


Communities and cities visited: 10
Kilometers/Miles traveled: 1593.4 km / 990.1 miles (not including ferries)
Ferries taken: 5
Interviews captured: 32
Gigabytes of media captured: 553.21 Gb
Photos captured: 4,924
Photos used for timelapse videos: 12,844
Videos captured: 816 clips (20 hours and 30 seconds)
Languages spoken: 4 (Norwegian, Sami, German, English)
Means of transportation: 4 (Car, Ferry, Plane, Boat)
Aurora Borealis seen: 1 (in Røst)
Songs sung: 9 (not including Gunner’s amazing Norwegian songs that played throughout the night)
Puffins seen: 0 (maybe next time!)
Times we left the car open without a break-in: 5
Friends made: 4,937,000 (population of Norway!)
Number of times we said ‘amazing’ about the landscape: Countless

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