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Location: Svolvær, Norway
Lat/Long: 68° 14′ 0″ N / 14° 34′ 0″ E
Weather Conditions: 52F (11C) Mostly Cloudy
Distant peaks overshadowing the harbor in Svolvær.


Aaron Doering

We had some amazing interviews today with a former principal of Digermulen Skole; with the co-founders of SALT, a marine environmental consultancy; and with the leader of Folkeaksjonen, a grassroots organization against oil drilling in the Lofotens and surrounding areas.


Interview with Sylvia Hamnes, the former principal of Digermulen.
A small community on the drive to Svolvær.
Svolvær from above.

Behind-the-scenes at an interview with the co-founders of SALT.
Interview with Gaute Wahl, director of the Folkeaksjonen.
Distant peaks overshadowing the harbor in Svolvær.

Charlie and Aaron waiting to connect with the CEHD college assembly.
Prepping for Aaron and Charlie to connect into the CEHD assembly.
Cassie giving an overview of Earthducation to the CEHD assembly.

Cassie, Charlie, and Aaron presenting for the CEHD assembly.

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