Whales and Interviews, Andenes


Location: Svolvær, Norway
Lat/Long: 68° 14′ 0″ N / 14° 34′ 0″ E
Weather Conditions: 60F (16C) Light Rain
Cabin along the fjord on the drive to Digermulen.


Charlie Miller

The team traveled out from Andenes on a whale safari, interviewing the captain and others on the ship, before heading south into the Lofotens.


Charlie and Aaron following an interview with Geir Maan, the captain of the Whale Safari ship.
Charlie and Justin interviewing Jørgen, a marine biology student.
Charlie and Aaron arriving at the Andenes harbor.

Reine, the Whale Safari ship, based out of Andenes.
Cabin along the fjord on the drive to Digermulen.
Aaron interviewing Bjorn, a Swedish photography guide, on the Whale Safari.

Bjorn being interviewed by Aaron abord the Reine Whale Safari ship.
Sperm whale on Whale Safari out of Andenes.

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