Expedition Updates

Expedition Starts Tomorrow!

We filled 22 fuel bottles of white gas this morning and tested the stove and lantern (everything works extremely well). After lunch, we spent another fantastic afternoon at the school in Qik and worked with Scott’s class on both the What is Climate Change to You? (WCCY) project and earthducation0. The students shared some wonderful […]

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Supplies and School Visit

Still in Qik – we headed to the Enterprise this morning to pick up 5 gallons of white gas and 2 bottles of Polar Bear Spray. Next, we had our Auyuittuq National Park safety overview and orientation over a conference call (a very serious and exciting discussion!). We visited the school and worked with teachers […]

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From Minneapolis to Ottawa

An incredibly smooth day of travel from MSP to O’Hare in Chicago, then on to Ottawa where just about anything could have gone wrong with 11 checked bags and 4 carry-ons. Looking forward to our three flights beginning early tomorrow from Ottawa to Iqaluit, Iqaluit to Pang, and Pang to Qik!

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Prep Before Takeoff

Sunday, March 14, the day before we take off for earthducation0 2010. We spent the day triple-checking all of the gear, re-sorting all the gear into the proper smaller gear bags, and performed a final test fitting with each pulk. After the pulks were fully packed at in excess of 140 lbs. each, we unpacked […]

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Final Preparations

Aaron is working on all the gear making sure nothing is forgotten. From the satellite technologies to the MSR bottles to the tent, the expedition preparation is (has to) come to a close soon as the plane leaves tomorrow.

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Expedition Preparation

After Aaron dedicated another day to ensuring all of the technology (BGAN, Iridium sat phone, MacBook Pro 13inch, HP mini, etc.) that we are bringing with us works (and works well!), we spent the evening going through all of the gear and performing final checks on space needs for each pulk. We also finished dividing […]

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