Arrived in Pang

March 26, 2010 – 66°08′52″N 065°41′58″W, Pangnirtung, Nunavut

After another 7 hours and 7 miles in a ground blizzard, we arrived in Pangnirtung, our final destination for earthducation0 2010. We started the morning by removing 8 ice-screws that secured our tent in the 50mph winds that gusted throughout the night. We then collapsed the tent (I had to lie on the tent while Aaron removed the last ice-screw), packed our pulks for the last time, turned on the GPS, and plotted a course towards Pang. After about an hour of travel, the snow began to lighten and we could see Pang in the distance – it seemed VERY close. However, it took 6 more hours and 6 more miles to arrive; Pang seemed like an arctic mirage.

Once we arrived in Pang, we unloaded all of our gear in a storage room at the Inn’s North lodge and Louis, the lodge manager and amazing chef, cooked us our first non-Mac-n-Cheese-n-Potatoes-n-Butter meal in 8 days. We met several geologists who were studying the changing permafrost in Pang and attended a community event where they presented their research and future objectives – amazing work! For 3 days we were unable to obtain a satellite phone signal, BGAN signal, or any form of Internet connection other that pulling in an email (which took several minutes per email); therefore, we couldn’t post this final expedition update that you are now reading. The lack of Internet was an eye-opening experience as I think about the types of online environments we design in Learning Technologies –  it seems that the populations who could potentially benefit largely from these technologies are those with the least access. To reach a wider audience, lightweight environments and streamlined apps are truly the wave of the future in my opinion.

We had an amazing time in Pang, interviewed several community members and the school co-principal, had several wonderful meals (thanks again, Louis), and relaxed a little after the trip. earthducation0 was a surreal experience for us both and we are excited to kick-off Expedition 1 in Africa early next year.

After transporting all of our gear to the Pang airpost, it took 3 days and 4 planes to arrive home in Minneapolis. In the next few days we will be posting the amazing earthducation0 interviews we captured in Pang (if you are interested in education or the future of sustainability, you will not want to miss these videos!!!), as well as a gallery of all complete video interviews we captured throughout the expedition. We will also be editing a short earthducation0 documentary over the next few weeks, so stay tuned (the video will be available on this site and we will host a screening sometime in May)! Please check back tomorrow for more updates…and thank you for following earthducation0 Expedition 0: North America.

– Aaron and Charlie

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  1. Stacy Boe Miller
    Apr 03, 2010

    We followed you guys the whole way! Glad you’re back. Can’t wait for the interviews!