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The Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML) is an innovative design and research center located in the College of Education and Human Development’s (CEHD) Centers for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Minnesota (UMN). This lab is affiliated with the Learning Technologies academic program area in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction within CEHD at UMN.


The mission of the LTML is to inspire and create opportunities for global collaboration in addressing humanity’s most pressing educational, social, and environmental issues by designing and evaluating innovative technology-mediated solutions for learners, educators, researchers, and organizations around the world.

Dr. Aaron Doering, Co-Director  |  adoering@umn.edu

Dr. Doering is an Associate Professor in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota. Doering currently holds the Bonnie Westby-Huebner Endowed Chair in Education and Technology, is a Laureate of the prestigious humanitarian Tech Awards, and is a fellow for the UMN Institute on the Environment. Doering has delivered education on sustainability and climate change to over 10 million students by dogsledding and pulking over 5,000 miles throughout the circumpolar Arctic since 2004. His most current project, Earthducation, investigates the intersection of education and sustainability on all seven continents over the next four years. Doering gives hundreds of talks a year on adventure learning and motivation and his academic writing is focused on how adventure learning impacts the classroom experience, designing and developing online learning environments, and K-12 technology integration. Doering has received millions of dollars in grants and has published over 60 journal articles, books, book chapters and conference proceedings and is also the coauthor of Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching. Currently, he is the PI of four grants: Earthducation, with support from the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment; WeExplore, with support from the Best Buy Children’s Foundation; Project North of Sixty°, with support from the National Science Foundation; and GeoThentic, with support from the National Geographic Society.

Dr. Charles Miller, Co-Director  |  charlesmiller@umn.edu

Dr. Miller is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota. Miller is a world-renowned designer awarded by organizations including USA Today, The Washington Post, American Scientist, IBM, Adobe, and Yahoo for his work with collaborators from around the globe. Recently, Miller’s development work received top honors two years in a row at the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) Outstanding Achievement in Innovative Instructional Design Showcase. Miller has lead the design and development of more than 20 online learning environments, more than 80 websites, and has published over 40 journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings on topics ranging from aesthetics and e-assessment to information visualization and role-based design. Currently, Miller is a Co-PI  on three grants: Earthducation, with support from UMN Institute on the Environment; WeExplore, with support from Best Buy Children’s Foundation; and AvenueDHH, with support from USDOE Stepping Stones. Miller serves as the Chair of the Computer and Internet Applications in Education SIG at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference, the world’s leading education conference.

Dr. Cassie Scharber, Co-Director  |  scharber@umn.edu

Dr. Scharber is an Assistant Professor of Digital Literacies and Technology Integration in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota. Scharber is a highly established, award-winning researcher whose research explores the nexus of literacy, power, and technology and the possibilities technology offers in aiding the transformation of teaching and learning. She is currently the co-editor of the Digital Literacies column for the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. To date, she has published over 25 journal articles and book chapters. Scharber’s research interests include 1-to-1 laptop initiatives, technology integration in K12 settings, digital literacies, and teacher preparation and development. In tandem with Cynthia Lewis, Professor of Literacy, Scharber is the co-PI on a project called DigMe, which is a partnership between the University of Minnesota and Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis that seeks to examine the role of engagement in learning through the use of technologies within this high-poverty urban high school. To date, the DigMe program has garnered accolades from both local and national media. She is also the co-PI on the Earthducation project with LTML’s Co-Directors Doering and Miller. Scharber teaches courses on K12 technology integration, digital storytelling, learning technologies seminars, online learning communities, and research on teaching.


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